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Grateful Dead – Ollin Arageed – Egypt 9-16-78


Rocking the Cradle album of the Concert in Egypt the Grateful Dead performed live at Gizah Sound & Light Theatre on September 16, 1978. Song is Ollin Arageed.

Grateful Dead - Ollin Arageed - Egypt

Grateful Dead – Ollin Arageed – Egypt

Furthur – Golden Road & Dear Mr. Fantasy – 12/31/2011



FURTHUR – Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion(show opener)

Furthur performs on New Years Eve, 12/31/2011, at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California.. I heard ’em play Mr. Fantasy in Chicago last year(November 2011) and heard Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion in 2009, when the Dead came in May of that year. Warren Haynes was great there…

Lyrics By: Grateful Dead
Music By: Grateful Dead

See that girl barefooting along
Whistling and singing, she’s a-carrying on
Got laughing in her eyes
Dancing in her feet
She’s a neon diamond
She can live on the street

Hey, hey, come right away
Come and join the party
Every day
Hey, hey, come right away
Come and join the party every day

Well, everybody’s dancing in a ring around the sun
Nobody’s finished, we ain’t even begun
So take off your shoes, child
And take off your hat
Try on your wings
And find out where it’s at

Take a vacation, fall out for a while
Summer’s coming in and it’s going out in style
Well, lie down smoking, honey
Have yourself a ball
‘Cause your mother’s down in Memphis
Won’t be back till the fall

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Gov’t Mule – Simple Man – Skynard cover – 19 minutes


Warren Haynes, Gov’t Mule doing 19 minute cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd classic Simple Man. Anyone know where this was performed?

I last saw Haynes perform in concert in 2009 with the Dead in Chicago. He was and is one dynamic player…

Gov't mule doing a 19 min version of skynyrds simple man

Gov’t mule doing a 19 min version of skynyrds simple man

Grateful Dead – U.S. Blues – with Guitar Lessons


U.S. Blues by the Grateful Dead from their 1974 studio album, The Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel.

The first part of the video is a short film I found called “200.” It was made to be some sort of trippy propaganda in 1975 and was put out by the US Gov’t Information Agency for the bicentennial. Vincent Collins did the animations for that video. I put the rest at the end together.

Happy 4th of July, my friends!

Lyrics By: Robert Hunter Music By: Jerry Garcia

Red and white, blue suede shoes
I’m Uncle Sam, how do you do
Gimme five, still alive
Ain’t no luck, I learned to duck

Check my pulse, it don’t change
Stay seventy two, come shine or rain
Wave the flag, pop the bag
Rock the boat, skin the goat

Wave that flag, wave it wide and high
Summertime done come and gone, my oh my

I’m Uncle Sam, that’s who I am
Been hiding out, in a rock and roll band
Shake the hand that shook the hand
Of P. T. Barnum and Charlie Chan (note 1)

Shine your shoes, light your fuse
Can you use them old U.S. Blues
I’ll drink your health, share your wealth
Run your life, steal your wife

Back to back, chicken shack
Son of a gun, better change your act
We’re all confused, what’s to lose
You can call this song the United States Blues (note 2)

(1) on a few occasions in 1979-1980 Jerry sang “Of P. T. Barnum and the Shah of Iran” (eg Cleveland 29 Nov 1979, Oakland 13 Jan 1980).

(2) for an ironic take on this, see One More Saturday Night

(3) alternative lyrics were tried out as the song was being developed – see Wave That Flag

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Grateful Dead – Throwing Stones 1987


The old saying “some things never change” is not always true. Sometimes they get worse. Compare the attitude of the nation in 1987 to today and you can see the implications that make this song “Throwing Stones” as meaningful if not more than back then. Nicely made video to boot.

This is one of the most important statements that the Grateful Dead immortalized in song and should be a mantra for deadheads everywhere. As one commenter on the youtube put it:
“Guess who gets to pay the price” Truer words never spoken !! This song contains a great picture of the decline of our civilization, and the helplessness we who care must share the burden of . Still there’s hope ! (thanks to mb19512002 )…

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Revolution – Furthur – Greek Theater – Los Angeles CA – Oct 5, 2012


Furthur’s unique rendition of the Beatles hit, Revolution, as it is meant to be played for the deadhead masses.Take out the “R” and you still have changes comi9ng with the word “evolution”!…

For more songs from this concert see this playlist With guest Lukas Nelson and Jonathan Wilson”

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Eyes Of The World-FURTHUR


Furthur does it again with a smashing rendition of Eyes Of The World at Santa Barbara Bowl 10-7-2012. Nice jazzy piano interpretation…


Lyrics By: Robert Hunter

Music By: Jerry Garcia

Right outside this lazy summer home (note 1)
You ain’t got time to call your soul a critic, no
Right outside the lazy gate
Of winter’s summer home
Wondering where the nuthatch winter’s
Wings a mile long
Just carried the bird away

Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world
But the heart has its beaches, its homeland and thoughts of its own
Wake now discover that you are the song that the morning brings
But the heart has its seasons, its evenings and songs of its own

There comes a redeemer and he slowly, too, fades away
And there follows his wagon behind him that’s loaded with clay
And the seeds that were silent all burst into bloom and decay
And night comes so quiet, its close on the heels of the day

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own
And sometimes we visit your country and live in your home
Sometimes we ride on your horses, sometimes we walk alone
Sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own

(1) in at least one early performance of the song (28 Feb 1973, on Dick’s Picks Vol 28), Jerry sings “Right outside this lazy country home”

Lyrics provided by


Eyes Of The World-FURTHUR

Eyes Of The World-FURTHUR